Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Why hello there!

Hello! Get ready, there is a new Kanani in the house :) I'm Kanani. Still working on a full name, any ideas? I'm one of the Gal's from Chestnut Street, where my friend Sallie-Mae posts.  I'll be mostly posting photography, and not just selfies ;)

-Kanani.... Lauren? Flora? Flauren? Mary? Nora? 


  1. Flora and Nora are good middle names! And welcome to our blog! We are excited to have a new member on board!
    ~Kanani Eva Akina

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  3. Hi! So glad you could join us!!! I Think Nora sounds rather hawaiian! Soooo glad your onboard with us here!

    Kanani Ania~

  4. Thanks for your welcome! I think I'll go with Nora :)
    -Kanani Nora