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Aloha! I'm Kanani. My full name is Kanani Eva Akina, but on here, I'll go by Kanani Eva, since I share this blog with my friend Kanani. 
Now, onto a little about me. I am 12 years old, my favorite color is blue, and my favorite animal is a dolphin. Now that you know that, we can be BFFs! (Just kidding!) Now that we're talking about BFFs, I might as well tell you who mine is- Josefina Montoya! 
Oh, yeah, I'm from Hawaii. you probably already guessed that from the minutes you started reading this, but I just wanted to confirm that... 
Well, that's really I can think of telling you right now... if you have any ideas, comment below! 


Aloha! I'm Kanani! my full name is Kanani Ania D.
My favorite color is Blue, it changes which shade. But I love Tiffany-blue/aqua, and also a really bright blue makes me happy.
My favorite style of music is Pop :)
I live with my dear sisters, Kit, Felicity, Saige, Marie, Caroline, Ada, Grace and Ruthie. We all live along with our sweet cousins...Kirsten, Lanie, Emily, Lizzie, Rebecca and Josefina!
I look forward to getting started on this blog and sharing My friend's and mine special stories with you!


  1. Great blog! I'd like to follow by email.

  2. Hi guys! Nice to meet you! :)
    <3 , IrishAG