Saturday, February 15, 2014

Spa day= Curly curls!

Hi! Kanani Nora here :) I thought I'd show you my spa day, as the results ended up being really nice! First we have these really embarrassing pictures of me:
Yes, my face is under there. I had 14 perm rod (from Sally's) in my hair.... and face. 
After rolling my hair, I sprayed it all over with water. Be careful with your eyes!
I decided not to steam them this time (which would make them permanent),
But I probably will eventually.
For now, I'll just have to re-curl every month or so.
After about 20 hours in curlers, and not being able to see, I finally took them out.
With the first one, I could tell my effort was worth it!
Curly-curls :)
All the Gal's on Chestnut Street were jealous, I think.
I was so excited to take down the rest of them,
but I managed to be careful and remove each one slowly.
After unrolling each curl, I misted with water and wrapped around my finger.
I played with the curls a little bit, twisting, warping, and misting.
Oh, man! Check these out:

Jealous much?

-A new, curly-haired, Kanani Nora


  1. Awesome girl! I have to do this to my hair too, but Marisa hasn't gotten around to it in a while. We like to do this, but it's so hard to wait! Have fun with your curls. ;)
    ~Kanani Eva

  2. Pretty!

    Hey, I saw that you are a follower of Doll Page and we wanted to tell you we are back! With a new surprise too! -

    -Kitty & Puppy

  3. Hi!, Kanani here from (we have the same name!) I wish my hair would curl like that! It always turns out frizzy.
    Keep up the good work!