Thursday, January 9, 2014

interviewing Kit ~Ania

Hey guys! Ania here!
Eva and I are interviewing Kit (my sister and her friend)
so here we go!
time to start! 
Hi Kit!
Kit: Hullo!
Kanani: can I interview you?
Kit: Sure!
Kanani: here are the questions!
1.) what is your favorite color?
Kit: Pink!
Kanani: 2.) what is your favorite animal?
Kit: cat
Kanani: 3.) what are a few of your hobbies?
Kit: well...playing,Music and shopping mostly!
Kanani: 4.) what do you like to do int your free time?
Kit: ......mostly my hobbies.....hehe :D
Kanani: 5.) what type of music do you like?
Kit: Celtic! well I like some 30's and a couple pop songs!
Kanani: 6.) what's your favorite movie?
Kit: hmmmmm......... I like A LOT of movies! No particular one comes to mind :)
Kanani: what's your favorite book?
Kit: I don't know again...I'm sorry.
kanani: No problem. lets move on! 8.) do you like outside or inside?
Kit: Both! depends what the weather is like!
Kanani: 9.) what's your favorite food?
Kit: Steak!!!!!!
kanani: okay that's all the questions! thanks for your time!
Kit: anytime!

Okay that's all for today!
Can't wait to see what Eva's interview looks like!
Til next time!

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