Saturday, December 21, 2013

MY Opinion of Isabelle

Oh, great! ...Ready to hear some RANTING?!?!?!
Oh, yeah! You heard me! RANTING. About Isabelle, the Girl Of The Year for 2014. She's coming out in 10 DAYS. Yeah.
AND I'M NOT TOO HAPPY ABOUT THAT!!!! I'm tired of other dolls taking my spot. First it was McKenna, then it was Saige, now it's going to be Isabelle!
First of all, McKenna is just a stupid jerk. SERIOUSLY?!?!?! You make a girl who does stupid GYMNASTICS Girl of the Year after ME? As you ALL know, I'M the best. McKenna really thinks she can be better than me by whining about how she sucks at gymnastics and how she can't do it anymore because she broke her leg and has to work on schoolwork instead? CRAZY.
Then along comes little miss Saige. I must say, she's not AS BAD as McKenna, but still not as good as ME. She also WHINES because she can't do this thing on a horse and there's not art class for ONE YEAR at her school. You know what, missy? WHO CARES? Suck it up!
But Isabelle- oh, Isabelle. Ballet?! You've got to be kidding me. What a wimp! And you know what makes me even more INFURIATED? Marisa's planning on getting her! Great! Another sister to deal with! And one that does BALLET too! I really hope she doesn't come here... I mean, Liz and Julie would probably be excited and definitely Natalie (she belongs to Marisa's sister; she does ballet too).
I just can't imagine sharing a room with another Girl of the Year! Liz keeps telling me I'll manage, but I really don't think so...
And you know what will happen to me when Isabelle comes out? Everyone will forget about me! Dear Kanani... all old and forgotten, pushed over by the passing of new years and new girls...
Well, wish me luck as we go into this new year. Marisa says she won't get Isabelle until she has enough money, which would take about half the year or less. At least I'll have a little bit of time before my life is RUINED.

~Kanani Eva Akina


  1. Hmmm, very interesting view point. However, it may land you on the naughty list and just before Christmas too. Tsk tsk. Try focusing on her good points and things that maybe she can share with you. ;-)

    1. Hello, this is Marisa here. I just came on here to see what Kanani has been writing... and I'm not too fond of it. I'm sorry if she offended you, she is very opinionated.
      ~Marisa ;)
      P.S. Hmm... I sure hope she's not on the naughty list! I don't really think she is though; she's normally a pretty good girl.

    2. So did she get coal in her stocking or a nice present under the tree? Merry Christmas to all!

  2. Don't worry Eva!
    Marisa loves each of you! and it's always fun making your family grow!
    Keep your chin up! if she's anything like Saige she'll be fun!
    Your friend,