Tuesday, July 14, 2015

4th. of July 2015 with Ania

Hey everyone! Ania here today for another post, this time it's about a trip that I made with my girl, Lu. 
Lu has grandparents up in Mississippi that she usually visits with on the fourth of July, this year. Lu, her three siblings and me, went up on the train! It was so exciting! Kit and Saige had been telling tales about the trip, so I was very eager to try the train, myself. It was fun. Lu didn't get me out of the bag, because the trip was so short, but the motion was so calming, I may or may not have taken a nap...hehe. Anywho....
Lu crocheted my Ravenclaw bag, I made sure I brought lots of things to do....I didn't actually end up doing anything that I brought except for reading a bit of my book. :D
See my braid? It took Lu a long time to get it just right, I think it turned out awesome! Does your girl like to do your hair?
Oh gosh, action picture! Granddaddy found a little Mincraft person in his truck, and he let me have it because it is the perfect size. (I gave it to Saige when I got home.)
The next day we had pretzels! Yummm.
And then we went out and picked Blueberries! grandmother and Granddaddy had a big harvest of them this year!
It almost looks like my eyes are green! ;P
Yum yum yum!
When my basket was full, we headed back inside to cool off. It was pretty hot outside there, but it rained a lot too.
That night I was very thankful that I had brought some pjs, after such a long day I was very ready to settle in.
The next morning we woke up to grandmother playing patriotic music over the radio, so Lu hurried and got me dressed in my red, white and blue so I wouldn't get pinched....oh wait, wrong holiday! 
Aren't I so cute? um, sorry. Here's my outfit.
We then took some pictures around the yard while we waited for Lu's parents to arrive with the food!
Louis, Loius! :) 
Finally it was time for lunch. Lu had packed me a lovely picnic, so she wouldn't have to share.
Macaroni, candy, Sparkling water and crisps!(chips. Sorry I forgot...maybe just a bit too much British television for me? nah.) 
She was able to pack it all into Kit's lunchbox, which you won't guess...it has a train on it! 

Once I was done, I packed it all back up and put it back in my suitcase. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon, lots of visiting and rain. Finally it was time for us to pack up and start the longish drive home.
Lu kept me out of my bag so I could try to see some scenery.
What did your family do for Independence day? I know I had fun. I'm sorry for the lack of posts on here, but we can always hope for the future!
Thanks for reading!
Happy Summer everyone!
~Kanani Ania

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