Monday, November 25, 2013

Introductions~ woo hoo!

Hello! I'm Kanani!
Well, there are actually two of us here- so I'll go by Kanani Eva (that's my middle name).Well, my full name is Kanani Eva Akina. My friend (the other Kanani) shares this blog with me! So, follow us as we tell you about our lives!
Oh, BY THE WAY, I live with TWO other people. (Of course, I'm the best.) Liz and Julie. You can see them here at the other blog, Marisa's American girls.
Well, I gotta go. I know you JUST met me, but we'll talk again soon. Then, you'll get to know me  A LOT better. Like, you'll know me better than I know me. (NEVER)
Well, BBBBBBBYYYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~Kanani Eva Akina :)

P.S. I do not live with other Kanani! :P


  1. Neat! Looking forward to lots of tropical fun. :)
    I had a friend who used her initials as her nickname. Perhaps here you could be Kea (though I am not sure what the Hawaiian translation of that would be. Wouldn't want it to mean something weird.)

    1. Haha thanks! I like that... Kea. :) And I'm not really sure if that translates into something in Hawaiian... hehe.
      ~Kanani Eva